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ENGL 4709/5709: Digital Humanities

Fall 2012
T 4:00 - 6:40

Weekly syllabus will appear on thus page. Older announcements are on DigitalHumanitiesSyllabusFall2012

Week 3

Discussion of Shirky, Cognitive Surplus.

Week 4

Shirky, part 2. Focus mainly on Shirky's chapter on Personal, Public, Communal and Civic Sharing for ideas.

Find examples of communal or civic sharing projects in the humanities - that is, the arts, philosophy, history, etc. Online, off line, present or historical. Create a poster, set of blog posts, page, timeline, video, PPT (!) - something digital or physical to post or bring to class so you and we can talk about the project and connections between the projects. Something visual that you will supplement with explanation and comment. Your collecting and curating of this material might itself become a publicly shared artifact. That is, the narrative of curating this project might be what you present.

This will require some study - some research to find a project, some reading and even email exchange to become familiar enough with the project that you could participate, some reading to make an argument for it as civic sharing. That's the level of engagement I'm looking for: Enough familiarity that you could participate.

But our focus is on humanities projects that move into communal and civic sharing. We're testing Shirky's sense of what kind of real world work sharing of cognitive surplus can do.

Post questions, advice, ideas, progress using #en4709.


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