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ENGL 4709/5709: Digital Humanities

Weekly syllabus will appear on thus page. Older announcements are on DigitalHumanitiesSyllabusFall2012

Week 8: Oct 16

Week of Oct 23


Discussing Vandendorpe

for Tues 30 Oct
Projects: Remix Vandendorpe
Select a chapter or related set of chapters and devise a project to elucidate, extend, illustrate, test, and/or comment on that chapter. Exemplify ideas. Ground assertions. Test assertions and arguments. You may use this project to explore implications in your field of interest: education, fiction, academic writing, reporting.

Repackage. Or remix to illustrate. as here

Use any means. Prezi, timeline, collage, video, blog, Storify, material xerox, cut and paste ...

Week of 30 Oct


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