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ENGL 6930: Composition Theory

Fall 2015 • Monday 4:00 - 6:40


24 Aug

for 31 Aug

The Givens in Our Profession, part 1

7 Sep: Labor Day: No class meeting

14 Sep

What was new becomes given - and a backlash in post-process thinking

21 Sep

Part 2: Talking in Terms of Discourse

28 Sep

From last week: Stadia as a measure in discourse. A paragraph can be seen as a unit of measure which is further divided into sentences. An indent, marginal mark, or blank line marks the stadia as distinct from one another. Cf bloc, as a collection of paragraphs.

5 Oct Reflection

No assigned readings for this week, although you might want to re-read or read more widely.

Develop 750 words or so in which you consider what we have done in this course so far: what you're dealing with, thinking about, reading further on, &c. Refer to readings we have done, conversations we have had, outside readings, perhaps experiences in your first-year class to help you articulate the issues you're encountering in composition theory. One caveat: Stay with the work and consideration in relation to first-year writing. And a second caveat: Stay dominantly with comp theory.

Email your consideration to everyone in class by Sunday evening, 4 Oct, so we can all review and consider responses for our class meeting on 5 Oct.

12 Oct 19 Oct: Developmental Schemes

26 Oct

Skip Section Four

2 Nov

9 Nov

Multimodal composition

16 Nov

Meeting cancelled. For 30 Nov, some readings on and practice in MultiModalComposition

On Nov 30, walk us through your design, your choices, your reading.

Nov 30

Dec 7

Last meeting- TBA

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