Comp Theory Mid-Term Concept Map

Create a concept map of composing for the FYC classroom as you understand it currently.
An alternative focus question: How does writing get taught in FYC?

Include the concepts below in such a way (by linking to other concepts and using linking terms) that you make clear what each means in your map. (I am not above tossing a red herring or two into the list.) You will have to add concepts, drawing on the theorists and teachers we have read (i.e. If you introduce the concept of voice, make it clear who's concept of voice you're using.)

Essential concepts

How to Proceed

from Concept Mapping Lit Review (pdf)
A Standard Concept Map Construction Method.
The Concept Mapping method defined by Novak & Gowin (1984) involves a series of steps.
1. Define the topic or focus question. Concept Maps that attempt to cover more than one question may become difficult to manage and read.
2. Once the key topic has been defined, the next step is to identify and list the most important or “general” concepts that are associated with that topic.
3. Next, those concepts are ordered top to bottom in the mapping field, going from most general and inclusive to the most specific, an action that fosters the explicit representation of subsumption relationships (i.e., a hierarchical arrangement or morphology).
4. Once the key concepts have been identified and ordered, links are added to form a preliminary Concept Map.
5. Linking phrases are added to describe the relationships among concepts.
6. Once the preliminary Concept Map has been built, a next step is to look for cross- links, which link together concepts that are in different areas or sub-domains on the map. Cross-links help to elaborate how concepts are interrelated.
7. Finally, the map is reviewed and any necessary changes to structure or content are made.

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Some Possible Tips

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