ENGL 6930: Composition Theory

Fall 2011 • Monday 4:00 - 6:40


22 Aug

Part 1: The Givens of the Discipline

29 Aug
5 Sept: Labor Day. No class.

12 Sept

Part 2: Talking in Terms of Discourse

19 Sept
26 Sept


3 Oct
No assigned readings for this week, although you might want to re-read or read more widely.

Develop 750 words or so in which you consider what we have done in this course so far: what you're dealing with, thinking about, reading further on, &c. Refer to readings we have done, conversations we have had, outside readings, perhaps experiences in your first-year class to help you articulate the issues you're encountering in composition theory. One caveat: Stay with the work and consideration in relation to first-year writing. And a second caveat: Stay dominantly with comp theory.

Email your consideration to everyone in class by Sunday evening, 2 Oct, so we can all review and consider responses for class.

Part 3: Developmental Schemes

10 Oct
17 Oct
Cross-Talk on Developmental Schemes

24 Oct

Part 4: Talking about Writing in Society

31 Oct In our meeting, you'll post or distribute your concept maps and we'll discuss them. If it's a big map, we'll pin it up. If it's smaller, xerox it.

7 Nov

Part 5: Polemics and Manifestos

14 Nov

Composing in New Media, part 1

21 Nov - week of Thanksgiving Break

Composing in New Media, part 2

28 Nov

Composing in New Media, part 3

5 Dec - Final meeting

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