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Fall 2015 • Monday 4:00 - 6:40
====10 Jul 2015 ====
Fall 2011 • Monday 4:00 - 6:40
12 Sept
- Ong, Walter. "The Writer's Audience Is Always a Fiction." In Cross-Talk in Comp Theory: A Reader. Edited by Jr, Victor Villanueva. Urbana, Illinois: NCTE, 1997.
- Ede, Lisa, and Andrea Lunsford. "Audience Addressed/Audience Invoked: The Role of Audience in Composition Theory and Pedagogy." CCC 35 (1984): 155-171. Print.
- Kastman Breuch, Lee-Ann M. "Post-Process "Pedagogy": A Philosophical Exercise."
- Related readings from 29 Aug and for 12 Sept, and background reading on antifoundationalism is linked on MorgansCompTheoryNotes12Sept.
- MorgansFirstNotesOnAbstractCritiques
- Charles
- Deb
===Part 2: Talking in Terms of Discourse ===
19 Sept
- Kinneavy, "The Basic Aims of Discourse."
- D'Angelo, "An Ontological Basis for a Modern Theory of the Composing Process."
- Britton, "Spectator Role and the Beginning of Writing."
- Rodgers, "A Discourse-Centered Rhetoric of the Paragraph."
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes19Sept2011, with related readings
- Sara
- Matt
26 Sept
- Braddock, "The Frequency and Placement of Topic Sentences in Expository Prose."
- Hartwell, "Grammar, Grammars, and the Teaching of Grammar."
- Witte and Faigley, "Coherence, Cohesion, and Writing Quality."
- Berlin, "Contemporary Composition: The Major Pedagogical Theories."
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes26Sept2011
- Mel
- Matt Adams
=== Reflection ===
3 Oct
No assigned readings for this week, although you might want to re-read or read more widely.
Develop 750 words or so in which you consider what we have done in this course so far: what you're dealing with, thinking about, reading further on, &c. Refer to readings we have done, conversations we have had, outside readings, perhaps experiences in your first-year class to help you articulate the issues you're encountering in composition theory. One caveat: Stay with the work and consideration in relation to first-year writing. And a second caveat: Stay dominantly with comp theory.
Email your consideration to everyone in class by Sunday evening, 2 Oct, so we can all review and consider responses for class.
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes3Oct2011
=== Part 3: Developmental Schemes ===
10 Oct
- Flower and Hayes, "A Cognitive Process Theory of Writing."
- Lunsford, "Cognitive Development and the Basic Writer."
- Shaughnessy, "Diving In: An Introduction to Basic Writing."
- Bizzell, "William Perry and Liberal Education."
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes10Oct2011
- Ivory
- Lyla
17 Oct
== Cross-Talk on Developmental Schemes ==
- Bertoff, "Is Teaching Still Possible? Writing, Meaning, and Higher Order Reasoning."
- Rose, "Narrowing the Mind and Page: Remedial Writers and Cognitive Reductionism."
- Bizzell, "Cognition, Convention, and Certainty: What We Need to Know about Writing."
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes17Oct2011
- Charles
- Alex
24 Oct
=== Part 4: Talking about Writing in Society ===
- Bruffee, "Collaborative Learning and the 'Conversation of Mankind."
- Meyers, "Reality, Consensus, and Reform in the Rhetoric of Composition Teaching."
- Trimbur, "Consensus and Difference in Collaborative Learning."
- Lu, "Professing Multiculturalism: The Politics of Style in the Contact Zone."
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes24Oct2011
- Sara
- Lyla
31 Oct
- Berlin, "Rhetoric and Ideology in the Writing Class."
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes31Oct2011
- [[CompTheoryMidTermConceptMap]]
- Extra: Concept map software and materials:
In our meeting, you'll post or distribute your concept maps and we'll discuss them. If it's a big map, we'll pin it up. If it's smaller, xerox it.
7 Nov
=== Part 5: Polemics and Manifestos ===
- Barthlomae, "Inventing the University."
- Rose, "The Language of Exclusion: Writing Instruction at the University."
- Flynn, "Comp0sing as a Woman."
- Royster, "When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own."
- Deb H
- Mat H
14 Nov
=== Composing in New Media, part 1 ===
- Preface
- Wysocki, Opening New Media to Writing
- Selfe, Students Who Teach Us
- MorgansCompTheoryNotes14Nov2011
- Recommended for the rest of the semester: [[ Technologies of Wonder]], Susan H. Delagrange. PDF. Just released this month. Some good consideration of the present and evolving position of multimodal artifacts in FYC and the university. Should be a good supplement to the text we're using, //Composing in New Media//.
- You're still reading supplementary material, but your sources have changed, and it might be a little trickier locating and choosing sources that tie into the chapters. You may find some readings in //CCC//, 2004 - 5 to the present. And try the sources below as starting points. When you look elsewhere, be careful that you're working with tertiary academic sources.
- Computers and Composition Online
- Computes and Composition in Print. You will need to access this via ScienceDirect
- Some print, much hypertext, and some multimedia. Tough to abstract and critique, but you're up to it.
- Some articles in Written Communication.
- key terms are multimodal literacy, new literacy, multiliteracies,
- Others to read
- Anything by Gunther Kress.
- chapters from Hawisher, Gail E, and Cynthia L Selfe. Passions, Pedagogies, and 21St Century Technologies. Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press, 1999. Print.
- chapters from Selber, Stuart A. Multiliteracies for a Digital Age. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2004. Print.
- chapters from Cope, Bill, and Mary Kalantzis. Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures. London: Routledge, 2000. Print.
- Ashley
21 Nov - week of Thanksgiving Break
=== Composing in New Media, part 2 ===
- Selfe, "Toward New Media Texts"
- Sirc, "Box-Logic"
- [[ Morgan's blog post on Box Logic]]
- Requesting suggestions for the final essay.
- Alex
- Mel
28 Nov
=== Composing in New Media, part 3 ===
- Wysocki, The Sticky Embrace of Beauty
- Johnson-Eilola, The Database and the Essay
- Lyla
- Sara
- Announcement re: the Final. The final will be a take home essay: a comprehensive essay synthesizing matters surrounding a selected issue in comp theory.
5 Dec - Final meeting
- All present: discussion on what we did and what to do next.

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