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Digital Humanities Syllabus

fall 2012

Week 1: 28 Aug

for week 2: 4 Sept

A world before the web


Twitter Essay

Prepare for next meeting's discussion.

Week 3: Sept 11

Follow up activity for week 2: Refer to Lanham, What's Next for Text
Combine word and image in such a way that they become bi-stable. Distribute your artifact in some way: Print out and bring in, post on twitter, post to your blog and link and tweet the link...

And so we have two kinds of “seriousness.” In alphabetic seriousness, we concentrate on looking through the notational system to the abstract reasoning beneath it. We build a monopolistic attention economy. In pattern-poetry seriousness, we accept a bi-stable seriousness which allows us to toggle from word to image, from at to through and back again. Digital expression, the familiar computer screen, creates, and assumes, a bi-stable seriousness. Perhaps that is why it often seems, to all of us print-readers, distinctly unsettling. Lanham, Two Kinds

Example: Print books as dead trees

Prepare for Week 3
Read Shirky, Cognitive Surplus. Take notes with an eye to questions, discussion, connections with other readings, and ideas on what we might engage as a project for week 4. Collect illustrations that might supplement Shirky's ideas. Ideas, comments, examples, extras, use #en4709.
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