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=== Tues 13 Nov ===
- Discuss E-Crit as a project in the digital humanities. Hypericonomy etc.
=== Tues 20 Nov ===
- No class
- Read [[ Technologies of Wonder, Delagrange]], Chap 4: Visual Arrangement as Inquiry and Chap 5, Devices of Wonder
- [[ Box Logic,]] Geoff Sirc
=== Tues 27 Nov ===
- Meet to consider and discuss issues and possibilities for final projects on DH.
- Unpacking issues in the digital humanities.
- Exploring those issues.
- Discussion on
- [[ Technologies of Wonder, Delagrange]], especially chaps 4 and 5. Arrangement as invention. Invention as composition. Providing a grammar and syntax for sense making in DH.
- Box logic
- Benjamin: convolutes
- NotesOnMetonymy
- The final project assignment is to take up an issue you find interesting in the digital humanities and do something digitally humanist with it using methods that are evolving in the digital humanities. Take this project to completion.
== Project Notes ==
- [[ The Periodical]], and [[ Material Conditions]]
- [[ Eno]], and an online edition of [[ Oblique Strategies]]
- [[ Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions]]
- [[ Why write by hand?]]
- [[ Mapping Mrs Dalloway]]
- [[ The Final Sentence]]
- [[ girlmeetsdream]] How we learn to read this.
=== Tues 4 Dec ===
- No f2f. Working on final projects
=== Tues 11 Dec ===
- No f2f. Working on final projects
=== Tues 18 Dec ===
- Presentation of complete final projects. Food.

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=== Tues 6 Nov ===
- Vote. I'd like to wrap up by 6:00 pm to give you time to vote.
- [[ Drucker, "The Virtual Codex"]].
- Kathleen Fitzpatrick, //Planned Obsolescence//, intro and chaps 1 - 3.
Some (other) examples
- [[ Hacking the Academy]]. Example of how e-texts can get written and published.
- [[ #open textbook]]. PDF. Written (compiled, really) by collected tweets.
- [[ WikiWriting Handbook]]
- [[ Writing Commons]]
For Tues, 13 Nov, read E-Crit. Start early. This is a brief but dense text.

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=== Discussing Vandendorpe ===
- [[ Help desk]], in case you haven't seen it.
for Tues 30 Oct
**Projects: Remix Vandendorpe**
Select a chapter or related set of chapters and devise a project to elucidate, extend, illustrate, test, and/or comment on that chapter. Exemplify ideas. Ground assertions. Test assertions and arguments. You may use this project to explore implications in your field of interest: education, fiction, academic writing, reporting.
Repackage. Or remix to illustrate. as [[ here]]
Use any means. Prezi, timeline, collage, video, blog, Storify, material xerox, cut and paste ...
=== Week of 30 Oct ===
- Projects from Vandendorpe

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=== Week 8: Oct 16 ===
- No face to face meeting but a backchannel project.
- **Optional Project** due by Oct 16 - 18. Backchannel or live tweet at least one event that deserves backchannelling. Use #en4709. Be appropriate. Don't get yourself into trouble. Consider etiquette. If in doubt, don't. If asked to stop, do.
- Consider
- [[ Advice on academic blogging ... ]], K Fitzpatrick. (We'll be reading her Planned Obsolescence in a few weeks.)
- [[ Best Practices]] (aka What we do round here that seems to work.)
- [[ Live tweeting and the academic conference]]
- [[ The Ethics of Live Tweeting]]
- [[ 12 Step Guide]]
- and consider "If there was ever a time and place for academic civil disobedience, it’s tweeting published data at “closed” conferences." [[ Ethan Perlstein]]
=== Week of Oct 23 ===
- Might want to review V. Bush, [[ As We May Think]], 1945, and Ted Nelson, [[ Extracts from Computer Lib/Dream Machines]], 1974.
- Read Vandendorpe, //From Papyrus to Hypertext//.
== notes ==
- [[ @OpenEd12]], front and backchannels from the [[ Open Education Conference 2012]]. Raw material for remixes.
- [[ #opened12 on Storify]]. Remixes.

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=== Week 7: Oct 9 ===
- Sagola, //140 Characters//. The shape of rhetoric in DH
- ++[[ Technologies of Wonder, chap 4]]. Delagrange. pdf++ We'll work with this later.
- Handbooks, Style Guides, Pattern Books, and Advice in the DH
- Loosely related: [[ Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little]], Johnson.
- [[ #Open Texbook tweet]]. Crowdsourced book on open textbooks, facilitated by use of twitter.
- Morgan: Backchanneling.

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=== Week 5: Sept 25 ===
The theme this week is digital poetics.
- Hayes. Writing Machines. Come ready to discuss materiality.
- [[ Lexia to Perplexia]]
- [[ Patchwork Girl]], blurb at Eastgate.
- [[ My Body - a Wunderkammer & notes]], Shelly Jackson.
- and/or [[ Humument app for iPad]]
- [[ House of Leaves]] forum.
- [[ A bookling monument]], Anne Wysocki.
== treatments ==
- [[ The Book Xylophone]]
- [[ Moby Dick]], aka Orson Whales.
=== Week 6: Oct 2 ===
Two options - select one
- 1. Create a treatment of a text - analogue or digital or a combination - that illustrates / exemplifies / illuminates / extends an idea from Hayles. Create a technotext. It doesn't have to start with a literary text. A comic version of a page or two from a scholarly essay? Others? You might want to share ideas on Twitter.
- B. Invent your own writing medium, using materials from nature or around the house, and write a text of 20 words or so. Invent something to inscribe with, and inscribe on. Be prepared to discuss how the medium shapes the message - and it's meaning. Is what you have written a techotext?

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=== Week 3 ===
Discussion of Shirky, //Cognitive Surplus//.
- Part i: Amateurs. Low-barrier publishing. Publish first, filter later and other models for publishing. Intrinsic rewards in sharing Groups. Combinability. Sharing: personal, communal, public, civic.
- Part ii: Implications for and applications in DH. Projects in the DH.
=== Week 4 ===
Shirky, part 2. Focus mainly on Shirky's chapter on Personal, Public, Communal and Civic Sharing for ideas.
Find examples of communal or civic sharing projects in the humanities - that is, the arts, philosophy, history, etc. Online, off line, present or historical. Create a poster, set of blog posts, page, timeline, video, PPT (!) - something digital or physical to post or bring to class so you and we can talk about the project and connections between the projects. Something visual that you will supplement with explanation and comment. Your collecting and curating of this material might itself become a publicly shared artifact. That is, the narrative of curating this project might be what you present.
This will require some study - some research to find a project, some reading and even email exchange to become familiar enough with the project that you could participate, some reading to make an argument for it as civic sharing. That's the level of engagement I'm looking for: Enough familiarity that you could participate.
But our focus is on humanities projects that move into communal and civic sharing. We're testing Shirky's sense of what kind of real world work sharing of cognitive surplus can do.
Post questions, advice, ideas, progress using #en4709.

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==== Week 3: Sept 11 ====
==Follow up activity for week 2: Refer to Lanham, [[ What's Next for Text]]==
Combine word and image in such a way that they become bi-stable. Distribute your artifact in some way: Print out and bring in, post on twitter, post to your blog and link and tweet the link...

And so we have two kinds of “seriousness.” In alphabetic seriousness, we concentrate on //looking through// the notational system to the abstract reasoning beneath it. We build a monopolistic attention economy. In pattern-poetry seriousness, we accept a bi-stable seriousness which allows us to toggle from word to image, from //at// to //through// and back again. Digital expression, the familiar computer screen, creates, and assumes, a bi-stable seriousness. Perhaps that is why it often seems, to all of us print-readers, distinctly unsettling. [[ Lanham, Two Kinds]]
Example: [[ Print books as dead trees]]
== Prepare for Week 3 ==
Read Shirky, //Cognitive Surplus//. Take notes with an eye to questions, discussion, connections with other readings, and ideas on what we might engage as a project for week 4. Collect illustrations that might supplement Shirky's ideas. Ideas, comments, examples, extras, use #en4709.

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==== for week 2: 4 Sept====
A world before the web
- V. Bush, [[ As We May Think]], 1945. "The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability; and something is bound to come of it."
- Ted Nelson, [[ Extracts from Computer Lib/Dream Machines]], 1974.
- Douglas C. Engelbart: [[ The Mother of all Demos]], 1968. In clips. The complete 100 minute version is at the bottom of the page.
- Lanham, [[ What's Next for Text?]]
- [[ Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0]]
- [[ THATCamp Manifesto]] (The Timid Manifesto)
- Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth, optional: [[ The Digital Humanities and Humanities Computing: An Introduction]]
=== Activities ===
== Twitter Essay ==
- Sign up with twitter.
- Follow [[ @mcmcorgan]].
- Locate and follow others in this course. How? Send a tweet including #en4709. That will make us all findable. Search for their names. Search for #en4709. When you locate someone, view who they follow and who is following them.
- Compose a Twitter essay of exactly 140 characters using #en4709 enacting what a student of digital humanities does. Don't waste a character. (Borrowed nearly verbatim from Jesse Stommel at [[ Hybrid Pedagogy]])
== Prepare for next meeting's discussion.==
- Review, take notes on, consider the artifacts for this week, and add to the artifacts we looked at, with an eye towards cracking them open.
- Add to the artifacts: Tweet urls, references or examples using #en4709.

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