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===Required Texts===
- //The Best American Travel Writing 2012//. Jason Wilson and William T. Vollmann, editors. Mariner Books, 2012. Print or Kindle, about $12 - 15.
- //The New Granta Book of Travel//. Liz Jobey, editor. London: Granta Books, 2013. Print or Kindle, about $12 - 15.
- //Hello World: Travels In Virtuality//. Sue Thomas. York, UK: Raw Nerve Books, 2004. Available as CC NC-SA (free) PDF download of 5 files from You can read the files on your device, print them yourself (272 pages), or buy a printed version from the BSU Bookstore.

=== Thu 16 Jan ===
- intros
- [[EN2250UnderstandingLitTravelStatement]]
- texts
- Notes on travel writing
- How to read travel writing, e.g. Google it.

=== Thu 23 Jan===
- Class will not meet. Prof Morgan will be at a conference.

=== Thu Jan 30===
== Reading ==
From //Best American Travel//
Your notes (refer to the [[EN2250UnderstandingLitTravelStatement | statement]] t should address all three narratives.

- Introduction
- Monte Reel "How to Explore Like a Real Victorian Adventurer"
- Peter Gwin. "The Telltale Scribes of Timbuktu"
- Henry Shukman. "Chernobyl, My Primeval, Teeming, Irradiated Eden"

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