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ENGL3580 The English Language By Week

Statement: ENGL3580TheEnglishLanguage

10 Jan

17 Jan

24 Jan

31 Jan

Chap 3, part 1. We'll take 2 weeks to become comfortable with phonetics.  You'll need to become familiar with the IPA, places and manners of articulation, and transcription. Expect to memorize IPA vowels and vowel placement (two charts, p 85), and know how to use other guides to transcribe.   

In class

7 Feb

Chap 3, part 2

14 Feb

Chap 4: Phonology

4 Apr

Read chap 11: The Story of English

Hand in exercises from chap 10

11 Apr

Read chap 12: Dialect

Hand in exercise from chap 11.

18 Apr


25 Apr

Final face to face meeting. No face to face final.

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