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===== ENGL 3580: The English Language =====


Dr M C Morgan
HS 314

=== Course Description ===
An introduction to the study of linguistics of English for undergraduates. The course focuses on a modern linguistics approach to phonology, morphology, syntax, and the semantics of English, and a contemporary understanding of conventions language usage and change.

=== Learning Outcomes ===
By the end of the course,
- You should be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of English, using the appropriate terminology to talk about language use to demonstrate an understanding the linguistic rules of the English language.
- You should be able to explain the tension between the conventions of correctness prescribed by Standard English and the constant flux in the usage of English.

The final for the course will examine your how well you apply linguistic concepts and practices to selected written texts.

=== Text ===
//Linguistics for Everyone: An Introduction//, 2nd ed. Kristin Denham and Anne Lobeck. Cengage Learning, 2013. Print ISBN: 9781111344382, 1111344388

=== By Week ===
Linguistics is a practical study that you learn by both rote and practice. I'm emphasizing practice. This means weekly exercises, the occasional quiz, and an final that examines how well you apply linguistic concepts to a selected text.

We'll address one chapter from Denham and Lobeck each week. Come to class with the chapter read. I may assign an exercise or two from the text to give you practice in the study. We'll use time in class to review the chapter and work with the exercises.

I'll assign an exercise or two each week to evaluate your progress. These will be scored 0 - 5 - 10. These are due at the beginning of the class. Please submit them on paper, and word processed. Email a PDF if you must miss the class session.

=== Grading ===
- Up to 10 points week for work with the exercises and in class. Scored 0 - 5 - 10. Incomplete = 0. No make up.
- Final: 70 points.

Cutoffs as of 8 Jan 2018. Figuring from14 weekly exercises.
- 210 - A
- 180 - B
- 140 - C
- 120 - D
- below 120 - F

To be assigned a passing grade for the course, you must complete on time at least 90% of the exercises. If more than 10% of your exercises are late or incomplete when due, I will assign a final grade of F. That means that 3 late or incomplete weekly exercises is a fail for the course. If you reach 3 - 0s, I will not accept any further work for the course.

=== Graduate Component ===
Additional reading in Stylistics, assigned by instructor. A more extensive mid-term or final exam focused on application to real-world texts.

=== Some Sources ===
- [[ | The Language Log]]
- [[ | OED Online]] Log in required if you're off campus.
- [[ | Online IPA Keyboard]]
- [[ | IPA Chart Keyboard ]] - and t-shirts.

=== Alternative Formats ===
This syllabus is available in other formats. Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 755-3883. Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities if you need accommodations in the class.

=== Academic Integrity ===
You are expected to practice the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all your academic work. Any for of dishonesty, such as plagiarism, cheating, or mis-representation, may result in discipline. Discipline may include failing part or all of the course, as well as suspension from the university. For details on policies and procedures, refer to to the Student Code of Conduct section of the BSU Student Handbook and The Academic Integrity.

Adapted from a statement by Mark Christensen, summer 2017.
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