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ENGL 6880 Mid-Term

Read, Curzan, chap 9: Stylistics for background on applying linguistic concepts and practices to written texts.

You have been given a few pages of a text to work with. Employ the linguistic concepts and practices we have studied so far in making sense of the text. Apply phonology, morphology, syntax of phrase structure rules and transformations, and whatever topics you find useful in chap 9, to describe the text. You're looking for patterns and regularities, linguistic rules that the text seems to follow. Represent these regularities and rules as demonstrated in Curzan.

I'm not asking you to write an essay. I'm asking you to create a linguistic description. You're not arguing a point. You're preparing an analysis.

Although the text is from a novel, treat it as a linguistic artifact rather than as work of literature, describing how it works linguistically rather than explain its literary meaning.

Use headings and subheadings drawn from the chapters in Curzan to organize your description.

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