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=====GA Pedagogy workshops 2012 - 2013=====
Wednesdays, 10:00 - 11:30, HS XXX

====Start up workshop for First-Year GAs====
- Aug 21 - 24, 9:00 - 3:00 + time to get keys, sing forms, move into office, draft and revise statement and materials
- Desk copies of FYC textbooks are provided.
- Text required: //Strategies for Teaching First-Year Composition//, Roen, Pantoja, Yena, Miller, and Waggoner, eds. $35 new at Amazon. <>. You will be using this all through the year.

===Local Materials===
- [[ Department syllabus for ENGL 1151: Composition]]. [Note via bdonovan]: Teaching Graduate assistants should take note that the student learning outcomes specified in these documents (under "Assessment") are officially and importantly binding; other stuff in here, like the point system for grading, may be treated as example and suggestion. The department has authority to revise these documents. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.
- GradingRubricForENGL1151
- [[ Writing Tips]]. Page is now defunct, but the grading criteria are still being circulated.

=== Local Courses ===
- [[ Composition]], Sara Dennison.

=== Reading, commenting on, and evaluating papers ===
- [[ Commenting On Student Papers]], pdf. From BYU
- [[ Using Rubrics]], pdf. From BYU
- [[ Global and Local Issues]], pdf. From BYU
- readings in Roen, et al

Spring Semester
- [[ Department syllabus for ENGL 2152: A&E]]
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