ENGL 6880: Language and Linguistics Fall 2017


I am no longer teaching this course. You are welcome to have a look and use or adapt what's useful. But sh/are:CC Some rights reserved: free to share and remix, but attribute and share alike.



Week of 21 Aug

Week of 28 Aug

Week of 4 Sep

Week of 11 Sep

We now have group access to the BYU Linguistic Corpora: https://corpus.byu.edu. (Thanks to the Library and Tammy B.) I'll give you the log on details in class.

Phonology part 1
In class, we'll walk through the chapter's concepts, seeking examples and details, then do some transcription for practice.

Week of 18 Sep

Week of 25 Sep

Read Curzan chap 4: Morphology
Linguistics at Work

Week of 2 Oct

Read Curzan chap 5: Grammar of Words

Week of 9 Oct

Week of 16 Oct

Read Curzan chap 6: Phrase Grammar

Week of 23 Oct

Week of 30 Oct

Week of 6 Nov

Week of 13 Nov

T-giving Break

Week of 27 Nov

Week of 4 Dec: Last meeting

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