Morgan's Linguistic Notes 21 Aug 2017

how linguists work

on descriptive v prescriptive perspectives

In practice, the use of the passive is more varied than prescriptive perspective addresses.

UK/US pronunciation of veg and spice

In complimentary distribution
others in posible complimentary distribution

Pairs: clothing and apparel

These are singular items that are named as pairs, with terminal -s that does not signify plurality


A speculation; bra is categorized more as a shirt-like article of clothing that covers the upper body than a paired article that covers limbs, hands, feet, arms.

We can test that the object is a singular even when the word ends in -s because we form thr plural by adding -s on pair
This tells us that the -s of jeans is a different morpheme than the pluralizing -s.

these come as separate items but are worn in pairs. They follow sense of pairedness.

Most are like clothing in that they are worn


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