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Overview: Assorted SHubs

Brief Overview of Comp-Rhet History and Aims

Defining the area: research and reflection on the processes (psych, soc, cognition, material, biographcial, autobio, ...) of creating written and now multimodal texts. Creating its own field. Ties to rhetoric. Place of comp-rhet in academia: historiography.

Writing Critical Summaries

Start with a how to from Harris - and we'll work out what's valuable to us as a group: Teaching Abstract and Critique Writing, pdf. Harris. Article on how to teach writing the scholarly critique. Lays out solid criteria for writing good critiques.

Presenters for next week

Reading beyond the assigned readings

The main professional organization for Com-Rhet is the NCTE: National Council of Teachers of English. Become a student member. Cheap.

Main journal

College Composition and Communication (CCC)
from 03/01/1950 to 12/31/2007 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Archive Collection

from 1997 to present in EBSCOhost EJS
1978 to present at CCC

Other Journals

E-access to full text through the Library
List of Journals in the Wider Rhet Comp Tech Writing E-Writing WAC WPA Field (2008), Byron Hawk


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