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>>{{image url="" width="400px"}}>>======Overview: Assorted SHubs======

====Brief Overview of Comp-Rhet History and Aims ====
Defining the area: research and reflection on the processes (psych, soc, cognition, material, biographcial, autobio, ...) of creating written and now multimodal texts. Creating its own field. Ties to rhetoric. Place of comp-rhet in academia: historiography.
- sitting at the fringe, always the black sheep, the poor relation, so always pimping the new, and seeking to ground its work in the empirical study and/or the pedagogical grounding of the moment.
- Piaget > Vygotsky > Friere
- New Critics > Vygotsky > Anne Berthoff
- Behaviorism > Cognitive Science > Flower and Hayes
- Developmental > Epistemic > Dowst > Coles
- tends to follow trends rather than set them.
- 1860s. Normal schools. Crises of literacy of middle management.
- seeks to bracket or set aside or counterpoint myths - but in its own interests.
- seeks to professionalize the discipline - but we're still working in the economy of the adjunct / faculty spouse.
- still working to critique that notion that the Good Writer = Good Teacher of Writing.
- still working to theorize the subject: when process becomes recipe.
- still working to move toward rhetoric and beyond grammar.
- still working to save rhetoric from bad rep and earlier conflation of rhetoric with style.
- more recently working from pre-Socratic rhetorical grounding.
- most recently moving into multimodal composition and warring over alignments (London Group of Semiotics v American theorists).

==== Writing Critical Summaries ====
Start with a how to from Harris - and we'll work out what's valuable to us as a group: [[ Teaching Abstract and Critique Writing]], pdf. Harris. Article on how to teach writing the scholarly critique. Lays out solid criteria for writing good critiques.

==== Presenters for next week ====

====Reading beyond the assigned readings====
The main professional organization for Com-Rhet is the NCTE: National Council of Teachers of English. Become a student member. Cheap.

===Main journal===
//College Composition and Communication// (CCC)
from 03/01/1950 to 12/31/2007 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Archive Collection

from 1997 to present in EBSCOhost EJS
1978 to present at CCC

===Other Journals===
E-access to full text through the Library
- //Reseach in the Teaching of English// (RTE)
- //College English// (CE). Mainly literature, but some comp theory
- //Journal of Advanced Composition// (JAC)
- //Kairos, A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy// Online only.

[[ List of Journals in the Wider Rhet Comp Tech Writing E-Writing WAC WPA Field]] (2008), Byron Hawk

- Berthoff, Ann E, and James Stephens. //Forming/Thinking/Writing: The Composing Imagination//. 2nd ed. Boynton/Cook, Pubs., 1988.
- Coles, William E., Jr. //The Plural I: The Teaching of Writing//. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1978. Republished as //The Plural I and After//.
- North, Stephen M. //The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of An Emerging Field//. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton; Cook, 1987.
- Berlin, James. //Rhetoric and Reality: Writing Instuction in American Colleges, 1900-1985//. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1987. Print.
- Crowley, Sharon. //The Methodical Memory: Invention in Current-Traditional Rhetoric//. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1990. Print.
- Knoblauch, C H, and Lil Brannon. //Rhetorical Traditions and the Teaching of Writing//. Upper Montclair: Boynton/Cook, 1984. Print.

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