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what does the digital humanist scholar, artist, critic, teacher do?
  • Indexing, tagging, curating - v bush and memex touches on this

what does she need to know? leads to aconsideration of digital artifacts:
  • how to create them
  • how they are interpreted: changes in interpretive practice
  • how they operate in academic and social contexts

Changes in how we define literature, history, and experts in those fields
Expert: Shirky will get into this

Directly affects student because this group will decide and influence
  • what gets taught, to whom, and how
  • who gets to teach

We need to deal with

  • New ways of working: practices of scholar, critic, artist, scientist, author, poet
  • New ways of constructing artifacts of that work
  • New habits of mind required and encouraged by that work
  • New ways of understanding or reading the artifacts
  • New ways of interpreting that understanding
  • New languages for that understanding

We can see all these demands discussed and played out in most of our readings. And in the processes of this course.

some extracts
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