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Have your multimodal work complete by Sun, 22 Nov: Before T'giving Break.

Email a link to the work to all of us in class.

On Nov 30, walk us through your design, your choices, your reading.
===== Multimodal Composition =====
readings and a project for 22 Nov 2015

Four readings.

- George
- Bezemer and Kress
- Marback
- Kress

Two of these will help you design. All four will help you consider.

==== Do this ====
Design and compose a multimodal work in Medium, Prezi, Inkle, or Storify in which you develop

- A theory or sketch of a pedagogy of multimodality.
- A response to one of the readings we've done on multimodal comp pedagogy
- A dialogue between two of the readings we've done on multimodal comp pedagogy
- A multimodal essay a question of power
- ...

Choose your writing space. Learn the writing space. Use the affordances of that space.

Use images and text and links, as well as affordances offered by the writing space you're working in. These will include titles, headings, captions, links, callouts in Medium, tweets and other social media in circulation. Scholarly textual affordances include quotations, summaries, outlines, paraphrases, citations, tocs, indexes, poetic forms, rhetorical modes .... and the semioses they embody such as sequence, hierarchy, collocation, aggregation, cultural and formal framing .... reading paths, manners of rhetorical style, register ....

==== Suggestions ====

- Design for meaning, not aesthetics.
- Design the work. Take time to redesign it as you need.
- Start with a significant question to address in the work.
- Consult the index if you're unsure of a term or want to explore an idea in more detail.

==== Links ====

- [[ | Multimodal Composition on Medium]]
- [[ | Multimodal Composition on Inklewriter]]
- [[ | Multimodal Composition on Prezi]]
- [[ | ]]

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