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A rhetoric of wiki will
develop a set of page patterns and strategies for using them to supplement the /StyleAndPageGuides? built into wikis.

develop page patterns

One refactoring strategy is to suggest an internal relational structure for the developing page, eg, separating and linking parts with therefore... and an optional but... (see Wiki:ThereforeBut, and Wiki:ThreadsConsideredDrivel for examples). A rhetoric of wiki would aim to develop page patterns that writers can use to articulate internal structural relationships that emerge from the conversational thread.
ThereforBut? - claimed as the simplest and most dominant on c2 wiki

switch to Berthoff Mode

Ann Berthoff has confronted this problem in her discussion of sentence patterns in F/T/W. She presents sentence patterns as "ways out of chaos," much as I imagine page patterns can work. Some prototypical page patterns might look like a pattern for stating and considering dependencies: ItDependsOn?
a pattern for stating if-then, with an option
IfThenOtherwise? | IfThenElse?
a pattern for breaking an explanation into several parts
a pattern for articulating parallel points or reasons in a series
Like sentence patterns, these page patterns are not meant to be formulas but heuristics. Consequently, writers do not need a large set but could use a good collection. Many will arise from enactment.
There is a list of refactoring strategies at Wiki:RefactoringWikiPages to use as a starting point for more patterns.

more on page patterns

Pattern Mode as an organizational strategy can become a generative act. It not only addresses reading and understanding, but makes explicit the (organically initiated and developed) structure that has arisen in the thread mode collaboration.

page layout

Wiki:WikiPageLayout on WardsWiki? presents some general guidelines on how wiki pages are typically organized - a sort of wiki page style guide.
There some discussion on patterns and pattern forms on Wiki:PatternForm and a list of page patterns on Wiki:WikiPageLayout. But these are not the patterns I'm thinking of.
Nor am I thinking of modes, such as ThreadMode? and DocumentMode? (and others such as FAQMode?, DialogMode?, etc.
text: /ComposingProcessesEvolveFromInside
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