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Recent work looking at PLEs doesn't speak well of traditional teaching, learning, working.

adapting from Personal Learning Environments - the future of eLearning?
Graham Attwell at Pontydysgu

Look: We have learned in situ: the context in which we have learned is the context in which we will work. Our learning materials - books, papers, lectures - will become our occupational tools. We understand the power of learning in situ.

Not necessarily so for nursing, enviromental scientists, geography majors, accountants - all important professions we have managed to avoid.

And, if you consider it, we - those of us in humaities, lit, rhet, comp - have other things to look at. We are schooled in books, but we can't remain there. We are obligated to look at other media. To investigate it. To study it. To embrace it. To work with other ways of teaching and learning.

Graham Attwell of Pontydysgu - main man in PLE

from Attwell -
It is the ability to create, to share ideas, to join groups, to publish - to create their own identities which constitute the power and the attraction of the Internet for young people.

We have to be able to work with this - and that's a challenge.

Bruns writes of prosumers - producer - consumers.

But I don't want to bang on about our students. I want to bang on about US: what WE have to do.

The social side of the PLE - taking this from Attwell - is
"software that lets people rendezvous, connect or collaborate by use of a computer network. It supports networks of people, content and services that are more adaptable and responsive to changing needs and goals. Social Software adapts to its environment, instead of requiring its environment to adapt to software."

Typically, these are weblogs and wikis, twitter and Flickr, but they can also be cell phones, skype, shared notebooks, and the like.

Advice -
Tally up your PLE: What's there? What tools do you use to create content, to share content, to connect socailly and academically? How do you use them? How can you teach others to use them?

I have a student in CWII who likes to review research work on his iPhone, then send others in his group to the pages.

A radical shift in the ethos of education < Attwell, p 5
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