first notes

have a look at and connect with Literacy to Electracy, Moxley.

To match Book 2.0, Web 2.0: scholar 2.0 - and student 2.0

Stick to the ideas of social software, social netowrking, taxonomies, platforms of blogs and wikis, used for the production of knowledge
* 2.0 marketing hype sort of touches on possibilities - for marketing rather than for knowledge and teaching
* Look at what lib ed programs become in 2.0.
* The book is bracketed
* Low Theory rather than High Theory
* changes in peer review processes, driven by networked production

What's sidelined because they don't respond to changes of 2.0, because they enforce web 1.0 values and limits
* print production
* pdfs
* static web sites
* D2L?, WebCT?, Blackboard: most IMS systems, because they are founded in print base.
* ...
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